Barbara E. Saefke
Remember the Words
Belonging After All
Justice in Omaha
Justice in Charleston
Justice in Hershey
The Justice Series:
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Paris Will Wait
Ben Saefke and Jessica Haider   pose as Jake and Peggy Farms.
Did My Children
Survive My Death?
Justice in San Francisco
Only in Vegas
Jake and Peggy Farms, the Justice Team, join John Mason, their contact person to help John's parents in San Francisco. Michelle and John Sr. disappeared, and John was only told they had died. He never believed it, but what choice did he have.

John fell in love and wanted the mystery of his parents to be solved before he committed to a marriage he knew would be filled with confusion, anger, and sadness over the unsolved mystery of his parent's disappearance. That's when he called the Justice Team.

A few days had passed and the Justice Team felt it was more comlicated than planned, and called their friends, Joyce Armstrong and Brad Hensley. When things turned deadly, John had a decision to make: continue, or live in uncertainty the rest of his life.

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Justice in Appleton
Justice for Elephants