Barbara E. Saefke
Remember the Words
Justice in Omaha
Justice in Charleston
Justice in Hershey
The Justice Series:

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Published 2022
Justice in San Francisco
Justice in Appleton
Justice for Elephants
Did my Children Survive My Death
Jake and Peggy are asking Adeline and Arnie to be a part of their Justice Team in Appleton. When their mission is completed and are back in Iowa a surprise visitor shows up for Arnie, with more in mind than just a simple visit to catch up on old times. 

Pam and Roger want to get remarried but Pam doesn't know if she was ever legally married to her bigamist husband.

Jake and Peggy are in Ames, Iowa for long hours training for their next mission. 

Read along and experience for yourself the drama that is sure to hold your attention. 
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